“Go Home” poster made me wonder if the BNP were in power

757407269The Home Office’s “Go Home” poster is the kind of divisive stunt I would have expected if the BNP were in government.

Touring the multicultural boroughs of Hounslow, Barking & Dagenham, Ealing, Barnet, and Brent today it was nothing more than a modern version of the infamous “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs” B&B signs of the 1950’s on wheels.

The choice of London boroughs displays the same kind of racial profiling that Home Secretary Theresa May says she wants the police to stop.

Immigration officials are well known for their racial profiling at border control and they have conducted ‘sweeps’ outside tube stations like Brixton pulling over anyone they think looks like an illegal immigrant, ie. they are of colour. 

To say nothing of the prisoner-style treatment meted out to detainees of immigration detention centres or the violent conduct of security contractors when deporting people.

Brent Central MP Sarah Teather recently blew the whistle on a ministerial working group on immigrants which was initially named the “Hostile Environment” group with a brief to make Britain as hostile as possible to immigrants.

The “Go Home” poster looks like it as come from exactly this mindset.

The leader of Brent council, Mohammed Butt, said that the government haven’t learnt the lessons of the 1950s and 60s but I believe they know exactly what they are doing.

Theresa May and her ministers and officials know full well the impact of this billboard will be on multicultural communities in general rather than the odd illegal immigrant who might be passing by.

It reads like a message to the whole community, an attempt to divide communities and harvest the racist vote from UKIP. 

People need to stop asking David Cameron if he has talked to No.10 spinner Lyndon Crosby about cigarette packaging and start asking if the pair have discussed this campaign which has all the hallmarks of the brash anti-immigrant stirring Crosby masterminded in Australia.

It is an attempt to poison the 2015 election regardless of the consequences which may well be a green light to the Far Right to increase violent attacks just as anti-immigrant sentiment led to white youths beating up foreign-looking men on their sun-kissed beaches.

The recent imposition of a £3,000 visa bond on visitors from Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan and India is another example of racial profiling.

Visa overstayers are just as likely to come from Australia or South Africa. All this measure will achieve is denying families in Britain the visits of relatives for weddings and funerals.

Like the touring billboard, it will create resentment and a sense of unfairness within multicultural communities. And it will surely impact on British business as entrepreneurs in the fast-growing economies of Ghana, Nigeria and India think twice about investing in the UK.

Combined with the arbitrary cap on foreign university students, which business secretary Vince Cable has warned will harm Britain’s interests, these policies are a huge break on the country’s faltering recovery.

Instead of parading a”Go Home”  message through London’s multicultural communities ministers need to ‘Go Study’ the economic and social benefits of fostering a welcoming and diverse nation and contrast this with the prospect of becoming an insular, culturally-impoverished struggling nation if they continue down the divisive Lyndon Crosby road.

By Lester Holloway @brolezholloway


5 thoughts on ““Go Home” poster made me wonder if the BNP were in power

  1. Playing the race card in British Politics wins votes. Tony Blair then leader of New Labour did it in 2001, and New Labour continued to do it through out their time in power until their defeat in the General Elections in 2010. They handed their racist policies over to David Cameron’s Conservative led coalition, and in all true honesty what were we expecting?

    It was always going to end back in the sad old days of racism. For those who don’t believe me, ask yourselves why did New Labour and the BBC arrange to bring Nick Griffin (BNP Leader) to the BBC in 2009? New Labour’s racist policies were finally being revealed to those Black and Minority Ethnic citizens who thought that Labour was the party for them. New Labour chose to use him to hide their own racism on the BBC; a national television station broadcasting to the whole world.

    When New Labour chose to follow the path of racism throughout their time and gained success doing it, the other political parties finally arrived at the conclusion that it is this way and this way only. The late Dame Thatcher used it in 1979, and UKIP’s popularity is on a high for playing it over Europe. David Cameron has no shame at all. The reason is because he is simply not intelligent enough to see the damage this sort of politics is doing to peoples’ lives, and the damage it has done before in the past.

    Boris Johnson made some racist remarks before becoming the Mayor of London. Apart from it coming out in the public domain, he was never banned from being a politician. Instead, he has gone on to become the Mayor of London, and is gaining ground on his wish to become the Conservative Party leader. And how did he manage to become this popular? Playing the race card with very hurtful racist remarks.

    Now we have arrived at the point I always knew we were heading to; back into the pre 1950′ and 60’s; back into the dark-ages of real raw racism. I have always commented that this present day politicians believe that Enoch Powell was right; and they are now acting it out. The best they are going to achieve is to waste a lot of peoples’ time. The reason is because Enoch Powell was idealistic. The reality is these politicians are dealing with people in a country that is built on mass migration to its shores for centuries.

  2. We also have to remember that we don’t hear much of Nick Griffin these days. The Conservative led coalition government – like New Labour before them – have all stolen the BNP’s racist policies and legalised them.

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  4. this is for people who have no right to be i the uk – myslef i was born here but my mother was born in yemen but she came into this counrty by appyling for visa to be able to live here then she became a british citezen and bought me into the work IN the uk

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